Feeld, The Dating App to Find Threesomes

3nder (Feeld) is the app “without a limit” that offers the possibility to have threesomes to its users (the urge to make a gritty joke is very strong but we will remember, note the effort).

There was Grindr, there was Tinder, there was AdopteUnMec, there was even Gothic Match and Allo Cougar. But until then, there was nothing for threesome. To remedy this problem (very serious), 3nder no called Feeld a new app to find threesomes comes to the rescue. Continue reading

Tinder Online now Available for Desktop PC and Mac

Tinder returns to the basics of digital dating and adapts its application to computers. The app has announced that it will soon be available online on Tinder . The objective for the group is to reach a wider audience: people without a smartphone, little space available on their device or not having 4G. Tinder (Tinder-site.com) also intends to push its users to navigate even more on its platform and it does not hide it almost. Continue reading

The Top 5 Best Dating Apps For Women

It is very difficult for a geek or an introvert to talk to a girl / boy and make an appointment. If you belong to this category of person, you have landed on the right page because these free dating apps will help you to find someone special to see unique. Many people think that these apps are made and thought for them.

Many single people use these apps and have managed to find life partners (which means these apps work). If you’re just looking to chat, make friends, or just meet in the evening, these free apps are there for you. These apps are available for Android and iOS users.

These applications are officially selected by us. Comments on these free dating apps are based on our personal experience. If you want us to include a mobile dating app, you can contact us. Oh yes! Our team has tested all these applications, so everything comes from our experience. Continue reading

What is Gamification? How Does Gamification Work?

Some mobile marketing techniques may seem incomprehensible to those who do not work in the trade. Gamification, a technique to sell more thanks to a mobile application.

It’s easy to understand how an e-commerce application can increase sales in a shop, but it seems unlikely that, for example, a pizzeria could convince us to eat more pizzas through … a mobile game. And yet, ludification, also known as anglicism gamification, is a formidable marketing weapon. How it works ? Continue reading

How to monetize an application or a mobile game?

One of the questions that arise when defining a mobile application project is how to make it work. This question is all the more important in that in most cases it is a great investment, both in terms of money and time.

Spending a few thousand euros to create an application is a risk, especially when you know that 20% of mobile applications are only opened once. Continue reading

360-degree Marketing Campaign to Promote a Mobile Application

60% of mobile applications do not generate more than 1000 downloads per year. This figure is scary to anyone considering creating a mobile app. The first question that comes to mind is why only 40% of applications succeed in exceeding this threshold. Is it so difficult to develop a good product in the mobile market? And finally, why do some applications still generate a lot of downloads?

Indeed, 1000 downloads per year is nothing for some applications. Continue reading