Tinder Online now Available for Desktop PC and Mac

Tinder returns to the basics of digital dating and adapts its application to computers. The app has announced that it will soon be available online on Tinder . The objective for the group is to reach a wider audience: people without a smartphone, little space available on their device or not having 4G. Tinder (Tinder-site.com) also intends to push its users to navigate even more on its platform and it does not hide it almost.

“Mobile is not allowed in class? Turn on your laptop and browse incognito profiles. Need to get back to work? You can now juggle your spreadsheets and Tinder in the blink of an eye, “says gotinder’s release. In this same release, it is explained via a video, how the site will work. To know exactly how the application.
Reach an even wider audience

A surprising “innovation” for Tinder, whose initial success comes precisely because it is only an application, easy to use and fun. She had gone beyond the taboo surrounding registration on an online dating site and had reached the youth. Gotinder may be the opportunity to reach a different audience than 18-24 year olds who would represent a little more than half of the users.

Tinder Online

The Tinder dating app is no longer a mobile exclusive. Tinder announces the launch of Tinder Online for availability on all devices. This Web version will notably allow use on the computer via the browser.

Tinder Online, however, is not for now. A test phase concerns a handful of countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines and Sweden. A deployment for the whole world will take place later.

This version of Tinder may seem anachronistic for a service that was designed for and was born on mobile. Tinder has some arguments to put forward as places where mobile connectivity is not at the rendezvous. Also … to brave bans in class or at work.

Tinder Online sports an interface similar to the mobile application, even if this use from the browser – and with a Facebook account – is announced more limited for the moment. We will nevertheless find the scrolling profiles with “swipes”, and the ability to engage an integrated messaging conversation when it “match.”

Last year, Tinder ended its opening to 13 to 17 year olds who accounted for less than 3% of its users. They could theoretically be related only to people of the same age category. Age control is based on the Facebook profile.

The arrival of Tinder Online comes after the information about a secret version called Select on invitation that would be reserved for celebrities and popular users on Tinder. What to contribute to the reputation of this controversial application.