The Top 5 Best Dating Apps For Women

It is very difficult for a geek or an introvert to talk to a girl / boy and make an appointment. If you belong to this category of person, you have landed on the right page because these free dating apps will help you to find someone special to see unique. Many people think that these apps are made and thought for them.

Many single people use these apps and have managed to find life partners (which means these apps work). If you’re just looking to chat, make friends, or just meet in the evening, these free apps are there for you. These apps are available for Android and iOS users.

These applications are officially selected by us. Comments on these free dating apps are based on our personal experience. If you want us to include a mobile dating app, you can contact us. Oh yes! Our team has tested all these applications, so everything comes from our experience.

1. NRJ Chat

Chat NRJ is a free app to meet real people. For friendship, or pleasure … Chat NRJ is a purely LGBT and hetero dating application. You will only see authentic profiles because the registration requires you to create a chat NRJ profile and create at the same time your GIF perso (really Fun). Discover other GIF profiles is quite funny and gives a real guarantee of quality to the application, you can like or not the profiles and create new affinities like Tinder.

The application is totally free, and that’s really cool! Apps usually pay a lot of small options like see “who we like” for example. There it is not the case and it makes the use of the application really nice. Hoping it lasts! The application is available for Android and iPhone.

I f You are looking for a great chat dating service you should try NRJ, it’s very popular amongst people looking to meet singles from around the world.


Coffee Meets Bagel is a free dating app, and quite different from other flirt applications. Coffee Meets Bagel requires Facebook authentication like Tinder, but it does not have the same concept as this one.

After completing your biography, we offer you a Bagel. We suggest you a Bagel based on your Facebook friends, and it will stay there for 24 hours. If you like the bagel, you like his profile, and if this bagel likes your profile, you can chat with each other.

Messages are erased every week. This application requires you to log in all the time. If you do not like a person over a week, there is no point in keeping it in his contacts, so he automatically fades out. We really like the concept. This application is available for Android and iOS users and is a good alternative to Tinder applications.


The concept is simple: at the connection, you choose the fruit that corresponds to your expectations, in fact, a cherry if you are looking for something serious, a watermelon for hugs “recurring”, a bunch of grapes to go to drink a shot or a fishing if you want to “fish”.

Beyond the intention, the blow clearly announced (and assumed), the step of the first approach is also reviewed and improved since each user must answer a question chosen by his “match” before starting the conversation.

In addition to the technical point of view, know that Fruitz wholeheartedly wishes to transform the prejudices related to gender by encouraging women to pick the fruit that interests them without ever allowing them to be discriminated against.

Fruitz aims to revolutionize the concept of dating apps by spinning a youthful wave in the middle that is starting to ferment, and if it is currently available in Paris, we know for sure that it will soon be ripe for the rest of the country.


Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps today. Tinder has more than 100 million users, 1.4 billion swaps per day, 26 million matches a day.

Tinder is an application where you can find an affinity with you. To use this app, you need to install the app, then sign in to your Facebook account. Do not worry about Facebook authentication because nothing will be displayed

Tinder also uses GPS so he can find your location and find singles around you looking to meet people.

You can start using this application after filling out your Bio. Make sure your biography is in the onion if you want to get more swipe right on your profile.

Many profiles will be offered to you every day, and if you are interested in them, swipe right, otherwise, swipe to the left. The Tinder app is really worth mentioning.

Tinder is free and available for Android and iOS users. Have a good time, but be smart do not be fooled by fake profiles (which are numerous).

5. POF

Plenty of Fish is a mobile application that is also known as POF with a good amount of active users. The app is rather similar to that of Tinder. However, it does not require Facebook authentication to use the application. So, if you do not want to connect with your Facebook account, then this is a good app to start.

Like any other application, you must complete your profile to get started. If you use a fake profile, you will be banned, so be sure not to do it. Join POF for free and start talking to other members.

You can send a message to users, it does not require any process like Coffee Meets Bagel (what you might like if you have no patience) You can find POF users around you – by city, by new users, favorite contacts and settings, depending on you.

Many fish are available for Android and iPhone users, so have a good time in the water.