DoubleList adult personals: the perfect site for sugar love

In the USA, sugar love is no longer considered a taboo in 2019. Whether sugar daddies or sugar babies, they assume all as they are. Moreover, the sites specialized on this topic are today quite numerous, which allows them to make the court in all intimacy. DoubleList is one of those sites we tested. So without further ado, see this full review of DoubleList with us.


We spent several days testing the DoubleList ( dating site in early 2019. We took our time to let no detail. The risk of scams, the pricing of the site, its attendance rate, etc. We have reviewed everything to be able to give you the maximum of information in this opinion. So, you can decide whether to subscribe or not.

Is the site reliable?

The most important criterion in this DoubleList opinion is the reliability of the site. In fact today, to attract the maximum number of people, many sites do not hesitate to make false advertising.

This is why Internet users want to know the risk of scam a site before subscribing. This dating site is no exception, so we will share our opinion on the subject in this comprehensive DoubleList review.

Whether you want to find a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, they are present on the site for a reason: a meeting sugar love. And the price of the subscription is quite high, so non-serious people or false accounts will quickly reverse.

During your registration, you will be asked for mandatory information such as personal information and a profile picture. And then, to make sure of your seriousness, you will also need to mention your annual income and the net worth of your wealth and then tell the relationship conditions you want. These kinds of questions positively increase the site’s reliability rate.

In addition, the moderation team of the site quickly locates the disruptive elements and makes sure to block them. This test allowed us to give a positive rating to the reliability of the site in this full review on DoubleList.

Target customers

Before going further in this review on DoubleList, it is best to quickly address the theme of this dating site. “Love Sugar”, “DoubleList”, a lot of Anglicism, but not everyone has to understand. This is why we will try to enlighten the Net surfers on this subject.

The site aims to find an agreement is to seek a relationship on your own terms. As for sugar love, it’s a relationship between wealthy men and pretty young women.

The site DoubleList allows sugar babies to find a sugar daddy or conversely sugar daddies to find a young woman to keep him company.

So much so in this opinion on DoubleList: love sugar can be likened to prostitution. Nevertheless, it is not the case. In these relationships, certainly women enjoy the financial benefits of these gentlemen but they can also enter the relationship to seek a mentor, travel or change of lifestyle.

Men may also be singles seeking adventure or widowed or divorced wanting to turn the page.

Our opinion on the visitors of the site

We could not speak of a complete opinion on DoubleList if we neglected the affluence rate of the site. The frequentation of a site is of capital importance in an opinion because it determines the popularity of the site in question and by domino effect its effectiveness. Indeed, a crowded site will attract a surfer for sure. Conversely, it will certainly not linger on a site where there are few visitors.

On this subject, DoubleList is one of the best dating sites specialized in sugar love. For those who love the numbers, this site has more than 108 million members scattered over more than 130 countries in the world and about these members, about 88 million are sugar babies or more than 80% of registered.

Our opinion on existing features

In following this DoubleList, we will see the options offered by the site. For starters, let’s say that the features available will help you a lot to meet people.

First, by subscribing, you will receive the following features:

  • Sharing private photos. It will allow you to catch your eye on you.
  • List of your favorite members. You will be able to filter the profiles you prefer and you
  • will avoid seeing the unwanted profiles each time.
  • Real-time messaging (instant chat)

Or else, for more features, you can activate the premium subscription. You will have the right to boost your profile to be highlighted or you can also make you discreet, it depends on you and you can unlock all conversations.

Our opinion on the ergonomics of the site

The next point in this DoubleList opinion concerns the technical aspect of the site. Indeed, the technical aspect is of paramount importance since it is the first thing the user finds when looking for the best sugar daddy dating site. Moreover, the ergonomics of the site is also decisive in the sense that the user can leave very quickly if the site is complicated.

What we can say in this review on DoubleList is that the site has a fluid and intuitive interface. The tabs to the different features are well highlighted and we adapt very quickly. Even a neophyte in computer science would find it quite easily.

The creators of the site have bet on the simplicity of use since sugar daddy are quite often old people so quite seldom computer ace. This is why the site is easy to use so that they can go as quickly as possible to the goal they seek: to meet people. The fluid interface and the ergonomics of the site are very positive points in this review on DoubleList.