What is Gamification? How Does Gamification Work?

Some mobile marketing techniques may seem incomprehensible to those who do not work in the trade. Gamification, a technique to sell more thanks to a mobile application.

It’s easy to understand how an e-commerce application can increase sales in a shop, but it seems unlikely that, for example, a pizzeria could convince us to eat more pizzas through … a mobile game. And yet, ludification, also known as anglicism gamification, is a formidable marketing weapon. How it works ? Continue reading

How to monetize an application or a mobile game?

One of the questions that arise when defining a mobile application project is how to make it work. This question is all the more important in that in most cases it is a great investment, both in terms of money and time.

Spending a few thousand euros to create an application is a risk, especially when you know that 20% of mobile applications are only opened once. Continue reading

360-degree Marketing Campaign to Promote a Mobile Application

60% of mobile applications do not generate more than 1000 downloads per year. This figure is scary to anyone considering creating a mobile app. The first question that comes to mind is why only 40% of applications succeed in exceeding this threshold. Is it so difficult to develop a good product in the mobile market? And finally, why do some applications still generate a lot of downloads?

Indeed, 1000 downloads per year is nothing for some applications. Continue reading